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With Pam White in Oregon.

Pam White and her husband Jesse ranch along the Owyhee River in southeastern Oregon. Pam’s grandparents homesteaded the ranch in 1913. Pam’s love for her roots is at the heart of her photography: “The fleeting light on hardworking people, the soft glow of evening light on the foothills of our valley, the power and grace of a running herd, the flared nostrils of an unbroke colt…”


©Pam White
Cooking out on the range. Cammie Bean
tends to his pots and pans while the coffee
keeps warm over the campfire.

Mustang studs battle for
territorial domination in
Dry Creek Native Herd
Management Area. “Faith
in God gives us strength as
we face growing pressures
from environmentalists and
government agencies.”

©Pam White

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