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(What follows is a sidebar to "The Green Scheme" by J. Zane Walley.)

Following the trail that threatens the rural West.
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An orbiting satellite zooms complex imaging apparatus onto a ranch or public lands and records information on grazing regions. This digital information is shared with Forest Guardians and over 25 other environmental organizations. The greens then use this information to generate another round of lawsuits against land users. Science fiction or basis for a novel? Nope! Sadly, it is happening as you read this article, and those satellites can zoom in so closely they can count the tiles on a roof. The full GIS (Geographic Information System) capability has been made available to the environmental community due to the generosity of Hewlett-Packard, the Environmental Systems Research Institute and the Conservation GIS Consortium.
     Hewlett-Packard? Those folks who make computer equipment? Yep, and they are among the hundreds of foundations that generously support the environmental movement. With money like that behind them, no wonder the environmental groups are in a suing frenzy. They are well financed in their legion of lawsuits.
     The research document and guide for grantseekers, "Environmental Grantmaking Foundations," is published by Resources for Global Sustainability and identifies 740 donor foundations that control $77 billion in assets and give away approximately $500 million in environment-related grants each year.
     Briefly, and vastly over-simplified, this is how a giving or donor, tax-exempt corporation functions: A corporation or wealthy individual, in lieu of paying taxes, funds a foundation with pretax monies. After a formation and endowment period, foundation monies are placed in an investment portfolio. By IRS law, a percentage of the returns from investments must be given to worthy social causes. (The majority of foundations do truly give to worthy causes.) Usually, those are other nonprofits that have been awarded tax-exempt status by the IRS.
     Hundreds of eligible environmental nonprofits vie for available grants. They have learned to tap the great pool of wealth concentrated at society’s top and have realized their "visions" are the keys to the cash box. They accomplish this by showing the funding foundation how their ideological focus is similar. Once a grant is in hand, the officers of the receiving nonprofit are assured of a substantial personal income (as high as six figures), as long as they enforce the values of glitterati funding their efforts.
     It boils down to this. The wealthy, or corporations, create foundations which support them and their heirs with non-taxed dollars. In the giving by "green" foundations, ensuing profits from investments are poured into organizations which zealously work to deprive ranchers, farmers, loggers, miners, and manufacturers of the natural resources needed to survive.
     Which foundations are so intent on supporting the environmental movement? Have you driven a Ford lately? Eaten any of Hormel’s Spam? Placed your money with Bank of America? Used an AT&T telephone or watched Ted Turner’s CNN? The list is obviously too much of a frog choker for this article. The fountainhead of knowledge in this area is Ron Arnold, the editor of The Private Sector. Arnold has amassed enormous amounts of information on who is feeding the greens. His hugely informative newsletter and books are available through The Wise Use Memo, 12500 N. E. 10th Place, Bellevue, Wash. 98005. "Environmental Grantmaking Foundations" may be ordered at 1-800-724-1857. Related web sites are: Private Foundations on Internet <>; Philanthropy-Journal <>.

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