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(What follows is a sidebar to "The Green Scheme" by J. Zane Walley.)

A harsh battle, thanks to Exxon.
© 1998 By J. Zane Walley, RANGE magazine, Carson City, Nevada

Herdsmen from dusty, famished villages in eastern Rajasthan, India, have a harsh battle just finding enough browse for their livestock. When grass is grazed to the nub, they are forced to move their domestic animals to the Ranthambhore National Park tiger refuge. Ranthambhore is small, only 150 square miles, but its grass and blue lakes mean survival to starving villagers. Guard posts were built to keep them out, but in years past, they took possession of the posts and moved their buffalo into the park to graze. This past year when they attempted the desperation move, the forest staff, in a "Starve The People, Save The Tiger" action, attacked the grazers with bamboo staves and physically hammered them from the park.
     Funds for the entrenched foresters were in part made available through the local Ranthambhore Foundation. In turn, that foundation received its funding from the U.S.-based National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Exxon Corporation’s $5 million "Save the Tiger Fund." Wanna put a "Tiger in your Tank?"

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