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Open Range
Photo © Doug Keister

Now, before you get all bent out of shape about why this goofy photo is in RANGE magazine, consider this: one of the reasons folks love the West and its vast tracts of open range, is that it allows people to feel and act with a bit more freedom than in places jam packed with fences, walls, traffic lights, stop signs, regulations and rules.

Some of the first explorers of the West were artists, who
captured the beauty of this raw land with photographs, sketches, drawings and paintings. The West continues to attract artists, whether they come to render a soft sunrise with watercolors or make ferocious bronze sculptures of buckaroos and untamed broncs.

Photographer Douglas Keister, who created this whimsical photograph on the playa of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, says that the playa of the Black Rock (indeed even the West itself) is the world’s largest stage. “Whatever you put on it, becomes the star,” he says, “even if it’s just an old oven and a sign.”

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