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Outback Roundup 2000

Seventh Annual Photo Contest Winners

Trail boss C.J. Hadley cracked a mean whip as the distinguished herd of judges circled round and round the conference table. From time to time Howard “Cookie” Hickson would break toward the Pepperidge Farm feed trough, only to be driven back by Richard “Rowdy” Menzies, who had gotten there ahead of him.

The bad ones were easy to cull: drugstore-quality prints, photo-electronically branded with tiny numbers denoting the date of exposure, for instance. We saw way too many snapshots exposed in the flat light of the midday sun, several others that we thought were pretty good but for cluttered backgrounds, plus one or two digitally-enhanced images that were simply too good to be true.

The winners stood out as well. The only discouraging words heard in reference to Larry Angier’s exotic meat market panorama is that the man seems to take a top prize every year. Ditto for Jordan Valley’s Pam White, whose mastery of low-level sunlight has made her something of an outback-lit legend. Other perennial winners included Carolyn Fox, Larry Turner and Jim Morgan.

Our thanks to everyone who participated. This year’s contest brought in almost 200 entries from 14 states, and we dearly wish we could show more of them here and pay out more prize money. Until roundup time next year, keep that film a rollin’, and we’ll look forward to seeing the world through your eyes.–Richard Menzies
Best of Show, $125
Jacqueline Moreau
White Salmon, Washington “Sterling Green & Floppy, Warm Springs, Oregon
Best of Show, $125
Jacqueline Moreau
White Salmon, Washington “Sterling Green & Floppy, Warm Springs, Oregon”
1st Place, $100
Larry Angier, Jackson, California, “Swingles Meat Market, Montell, California”
2nd Place, $75
Pam White
Jordan Valley, Oregon
“Don Locke,
Prunty Remuda”
3rd Place, $50
Bea Ischer
Berwick, Illinois
“Cherokee on the Go!”
4th Place, $25
Carolyn Fox
Jackson, California
“Duffield Flat Road, Whitman County, Washington”
Pam White
Jordan Valley, Oregon
“Otie: Doggin’ the Cows”
Merit Award, $10
Nancy Harper
Paradise Valley, Nevada
“Morning Sun”
Larry Turner
Malin, Oregon
“Cow Camp Outhouse”
Merit Award, $10
Jane Johns
Carson City, Nevada
“Prairie Dog”
Merit Award, $10
Cynthia A. Delaney-Varnell, Elko, Nevada
“Scarecrow, Jarbidge, Nevada”
Merit Award, $10
Delia Nuffer
Winnemucca, Nevada
“Nettie & Her Welsh
Corgi Puppies”
Merit Award, $10
Jacqueline Moreau
White Salmon, Washington
“Cowboy Wedding,
Warm Springs, Oregon”
Merit Award, $10
Lee Raine
Eureka, Nevada
“Great Expectations”
Jim Morgan, Chiloquin, Oregon, “Old Saddle & Rail”

Other Merit Awards, $10 each

Larry Angier, Jackson, California, “A Man and His Horse”
Carolyn Fox, Jackson, California, “Bird in Sprinklers, Nevada/Utah Line”
Jane Johns, Carson City, Nevada, “Oregon Farm Scene”


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