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Here in the Great Basin, spring is a fickle season, choosing its own timing. Working closely with winter, spring often teases with warm weather and then retreats while winter drops a whole new blanket of snow across the land. Periods of sun, rain, snow, and blizzard often alternate up until April or May, and by then it is almost time for summer. Despite its brevity, spring is a remarkable time in the West. New beginnings appear everywhere. Perhaps the most exciting of springās gifts are the glimpses of baby animals and older wildlife enjoying the warming sunshine. Spring often seems like it will never arrive out here, but it always does. This is one of the really good things in life. 

Mule deer doe and fawn trot through shallow waters on a warm spring day in southeastern Oregon.

A mountain goat grazes on abundant 

new foliage in the mountains of 

northwestern Montana.


This mustang colt in northwestern 

Nevada watches the photographer 

with keen interest.


A young goldfinch pauses in 

its hunt for seeds to enjoy 

the fragrant blossoms on a 

Nevada apple tree.



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