Winter 2004:

Special Section, Land Trusts. See “Forever & Ever Amen” under Special Reports.


Forever & Ever, Amen

By Tim Findley

Land trusts and the frightening thought of perpetuity.

Give Me a Home…

By Catherine Shepard

Enviro says cowboys and cows have "got to go."

Ranching On The Rural-Urban Frontier

By Jeff Goodsen

Ranching on the rural/urban frontier.

Preserving the Future

By Barbara Wies

Meet the Carvers at their historic Oregon ranch.

Portrait of the West

By C. J. Hadley

Waddie Mitchell, buckaroo and cowboy poet.

Out on the Range

With Carolyn Fox, Duane McGarva, Bob Moorhouse and Vera Frost

Haying for the Birds

By Mike Connelly

Fair ain't what nature's about.

Up Front

By C. J. Hadley

The frightening thought of perpetuity.

This Land is OUR Land

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  • Dividing The Waters
  • Afterburn
  • This land is Our Land
  • Return to Eden
  • Battle of the Sierra Madre
  • Political Prisoner


  • Clear Day
  • The Home Place


  • Seeing Spots
  • A Hoot for Endangered Economy
  • Fast times at Uncle Buck’s
  • Sonny & Easter
  • Monkey Wrenches in the Mist

Photos & Art

  • Out on the Range
  • Portrait of the West
  • Morning Glory


  • Message from BLM
  • Should We Just Hush
  • Congressman Rob Andrews
  • Tough Times for Turner


  • Amazing Facts & Quotes
  • Letters
  • Bits & Spurs
  • Range Agents
  • Heroes


  • Ranchers and Irish Monks
  • Captain America
  • Wyoming Cowgirl
  • Cowboy Calculations
  • The Danns Meet Slick
  • Stegner’s Sense of Place
  • Crane High
  • Confessions of Red Meat Survivors


  • Pioneer Memory
  • An Old-Time Cow Ranch
  • Suburban Cowboy
  • The Way It Was

Special Report

  • The Wildlands Project

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