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Cowboy Shopping
Western gifts for friends and family.


Hage v. U.S.
Forty years of hell thanks to
federal agents.


The Bundy Saga
Onslaught at Bunkerville
and other travesties.


Enemies of The State
The Hammonds, longtime Oregon ranchers after
decades of grief and years in federal prison
finally got their freedom!

Sheepherder moves shorn ewes and lambs by Linda Dufurrena

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Special Report: Leveling the Field

America's sheep industry just wants a fighting chance.
By Marjorie Haun


The Long View
The Modoc–California's northeastern corner.
By Larry Turner


Photo Contest Winners
Images by Hal Beesley, Belinda Daugherty,
Robin Dell'Orto, Mary Lou Schindler & Marina Schultz.



A Wandering Life
Sharon Gould's never-ending adventure.
By Kathy McCraine



Grazing in the sea and on the range.
By Dan Dagget


You must be kidding!
By Cynthia Baldauf



Common Sense
The school of Hard Knocks always offers the
best education. By Dan Happel


Opinion from America’s Outback.
Cowboys, not computers.


Up Front
Make our Founders smile again.
By C.J. Hadley



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Get Back To Me
Yeah, get back to me. I know you will.
And when you do, we farmers will stand
amused at your little rant.

Australia’s Agriculture is much like American Agriculture. Farmers sustain our way of life and help ensure the economic well-being of the nation.
Australian Agriculture: The Greatest Story
Never Told

Watch C.J. Hadley on YouTube!
CJ tells of her journey from England...

Leveling the Field
America's sheep industry just wants a fighting chance.
By Marjorie Haun (Winter 2023/2024)

Radical Shift
Biden's BLM is bent on turning a century of land management on its head.
By Marjorie Haun (Fall 2023)

The War on the West, Continued
A conference in Egypt showed us the real agenda behind Agenda 21. By Dan Happel (Summer 2023)

Where’s the Beef?
Big packer power is bad for America’s farmers
and ranchers. By Chance Gowan
(Spring 2023)

Accountable? Not US!
The first bite before choking down the rest later.
By Dave Skinner (Fall 2022)

Better That They Burn
National forests are on life support due to lousy doctoring.
By Jim Petersen
(Fall 2022)

Shades of Green
It’s not just about diversity and saving nature.
By Dave Skinner
(Summer 2022)

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