RANGE Special Reports

Thinking Like an Astronaut
Real-world climate data always trump computer models.
By Tom Harris (Spring 2024)
An introduction to the Department of Unserious People.
By Marjorie Haun (Spring 2024)

Leveling the Field
America's sheep inudstry just wants a fighting chance.
By Marjorie Haun (Winter 2023/2024)

Radical Shift
Biden's BLM is bent on turning a century of land management on its head.
By Marjorie Haun (Fall 2023)
The War on the West, Continued
A conference in Egypt showed us the real agenda behind Agenda 21. By Dan Happel (Summer 2023)
Where's the Beef?
Big packer power is bad for America's farmers
and ranchers. By Chance Gowan
(Spring 2023)
Accountable? Not US!
The first bite before choking down the rest later.
By Dave Skinner (Fall 2022)
Better That They Burn
National forests are on life support due to lousy doctoring.
By Jim Petersen
(Fall 2022)

Shades of Green
It's not just about diversity and saving nature.
By Dave Skinner
(Summer 2022)

Breaking Point
Arizona ranchers are pitted against massive crowds and big money.
By Marjorie Haun (Summer 2022)
Good News, Bad News
Sometimes elections matter.
By Dave Skinner (Spring 2022)
Ill Wind in Cherry County
Power and politics in the Nebraska Sandhills.
By Carolyn Dufurrena (Spring 2022)

Requiem for a Forest
What followed the Bear Fire.
By Dave Daley
(Winter 2022)
(See original story in Winter 2021)

The Insta-Facebook West
Do you "LIKE" it?
By Jim Stiles (Winter 2022)

Overrun at the Border
Ranchers live with daily invasions of migrants and drug mules.
By Leo W. Banks (Fall 2021)

Monetizing the Scenery
Utah’s biggest Green group is caught between protecting wilderness and big tourism.
By Marjorie Haun (Summer 2021)
West First! Part II
Western Landowners Alliance promotes welfare ranching for billionaires.
By Dave Skinner (Summer 2021)
West First!
We'll rewild the rest of the planet later.
By Dave Skinner (Spring 2021)
High Anxiety
Out of control grizzlies terrify Montana ranchers.
By Dave Skinner (Winter 2021)
The Bear Fire
I cry for the mountains and the legacy lost.
By Dave Daley (Winter 2021)
First, Put Out the Fire
Is it time to give America's forests back to our Native Americans?
By Jim Petersen (Winter 2021)

A Perfect Storm
George Soros is a happy man. Racial turmoil, economic chaos, civil unrest, pandemic and fear from his perfect storm.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. and Dave Skinner (Fall 2020)

Soros the Destroyer
For decades, multibillionaire George Soros has been quietly bringing down world governments. He is now targeting the United States.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Fall 2020, reprinted from Summer 2012)
Show Me the Money
George Soros and A Perfect Storm, Part II.
By Dave Skinner (Fall 2020)
Digging Deeper
America's "Deep State" exists beyond the Beltway.
By Dave Skinner (Summer 2020)
Black Hat Sagebrush Rebel
Altering political landscapes from rural Utah to Congress.
By Marjorie Haun
(Winter 2020)

Compassion & Charity
Wayne Pacelle and his continuing attack on producers.
By Dave Skinner (Winter 2020)

The Hour I First Didn't Believe
A Democrat professor explains what his party gets
wrong about climate. By Caleb Rossiter, Ph.D. (Winter 2020)
Inconvenient Truths
A little common sense on Klamath dam removal would go a long way.
By Theodora Johnson
(Fall 2019)

Critical Mass
Cowboys or Buffalo? The most ambitious and successful "rewilding" effort ever attempted.

By Dave Skinner (Fall 2019)

Federal Cops
Just about every government agency has its guys with guns.
By Rachel Dahl (Summer 2019)

Are these canines really the problem?
By Chance Gowan (Summer 2019)
Earth to Washington: Fix Our Forests
Ravaging wildfires, crashing rural economies.
Is anyone listening? By Theodora Johnson (Spring 2019)

Give Me a Stone
David meets Goliath in the eastern Sierra. Again.
By Carolyn Dufurrena

“We account for every drop of rain that falls in the Owens Valley, and let every drop of rain that falls in the L.A. Basin flow out into the ocean.”—Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles (Winter 2019)

Octopuses Garden
More secrets from a stealth entity.
By Dave Skinner (Fall 2018)

The Ultimate Land Clearance
The U.S. government has inflicted 40 years of abuse on Nevada’s Hage family.
By Ramona Hage Morrison (Summer 2018)

Zinke and the Russian Dolls
A mysterious $371-million Beltway “charity” attacks the Secretary of Interior from a Montana mailbox.
By Dave Skinner (Summer 2018)

Fake Green Is Worried (Real Worried)
Enviro flacks attack Allan Savory’s success.
By Dan Dagget (Spring 2018)

Waiting For Next Time
North Dakota resists “The Resistance.”
By Dave Skinner (Spring 2018)
In Search of Atticus Finch
Enter Marcus Mumford, Utah’s legal warrior.
By Todd Macfarlane (Spring 2018)

Bundy Fiasco
Persecution and prosecution. Twice the relentless, lawless feds had to give up.
By Patricia Aiken (Spring 2018)

Dancing on the Dark Side
Park Service two-step at Point Reyes National Seashore.
By Carolyn Dufurrena
(Winter 2018)

First in Time, First in Right
David and Goliath: Fighting for state sovereignty in Idaho.
By Judy Boyle (Winter 2018)

Climate Lies
The endgame is nothing but a power grab and massive redistribution of wealth on a massive, global scale.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Fall 2017)
Treasured State
After 17 long years, Greens still lust for Montana's Antiquities gold.
By Dave Skinner (Fall 2017)

Needed reform could be coming to the EPA.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Summer 2017)

Patriots vs. Politicians
Who now will pledge life, fortune and sacred honor?
By Tom DeWeese
(Summer 2017)

Whose money harms the environment?
By Dan Dagget
(Spring 2017)

Power Down
The mounting failures and costs of Green energy.
By Michael S. Coffman
, Ph.D. (Spring 2017)
Death of a Thousand Cuts
A new kind of ranching in northeastern Washington.
By Chance Gowan
(Spring 2017)

Rachel Carson Revisited
Suicide of the West: From Silent Spring to Zika.
Alston Chase (Winter 2017)

Powerful Forces
More than a century of Eastern control of the West's natural resources.
Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Fall 2016)

Patterns of Harassment III
The Occupation. The Punishment. The Shadow Force.
A Dead Bill of Rights?
Violence, fear, and death at the hands of the government. By Judy Boyle
The Punishment: Bundy Scares the Feds
Who was it who initiated the wrongful use of "force, fear and violence" in Bunkerville? By Vin Suprynowicz
The Shadow Force: The Professionals
A militia of amateurs confronts an array of paid operatives and, and loses. "Opinionalysis" by Dave Skinner

"Y'all Kayda"
Expert bomb throwers. By Dave Skinner
Image Is Everything Hot links to the professionals.
Intimidation? You bet. By C.J. Hadley (Summer 2016)

The Big Cure
A (mostly) toothless U.N. climate agreement.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Spring 2016)

FIRE: Destruction of the West
Bureaucratic central planning has failed because there's no incentive to manage the resource right. The more the West burns, the more money the agencies get, and the more lives and livelihoods are ruined. By Judy Boyle
The Aftermath. By Andrea Scott
Get Out of the Fire
. By Steven H. Rich (Winter 2016)

Grass March
Regulation without representation is tyranny.
The Grass March Cowboy Express was an arduous trip of 2,800 miles on horseback with serious intent.
The Riders.
The Leader. The Muscle. The Last Best Hope.
By Julian Stone and
Carolyn Dufurrena (Summer 2015)

Cows Can Save The World
How easy it is to draw our swords and yet how difficult it is to re-sheath them.
By Allan Savory (Summer 2015)

The Inmates Are In Charge
Global-warming fanatics contend the sky is falling,
despite freezing temperatures and record snowfall.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Spring 2015)

Secret Science
John Beale and an EPA story of fraud and deceit.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.
(Winter 2015)
EPA Wants It All
Expanding jurisdiction.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.
(Winter 2015)

Patterns of Harassment
Only something funny happened on the way to hanging Cliven Bundy's scalp on the lodge pole. By Vin Suprynowicz
Onslaught at Gold Butte.
Who owns the West?
Is it all about the tortoise?
The Reid Connection.
More Federal Takings.
Up Front: Bravado from Bunkerville.
BLM Then & Now
(Fall 2014)

Agenda 21: Swallowing America
America's weak leaders are using federal bribes to force communities to comply with the United Nations' dangerous Agenda 21. By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.
Agenda 21 Destroys Private Property Rights.
Marching Toward Tyranny.
PART II: Implementation by Stealth. (Winter 2014)
The Disconnect
European Green energy turns into a nightmare. The United States is next. By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.
It's the Sun After All.
Global Cooling. (Fall 2013)
Angry Waters
In the West, one truism never changes: whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting. By Dave Skinner
Under the Surface.
A Matter of Interpretation. (Fall 2013)
EPA's Tidal Wave
Crushing America's economy. By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. (Summer 2013)

A Collision of Visions

The truth about the woods. By Bruce Vincent (Spring 2013)

California Grown

The golden state of agriculture. By Suzanne Finney
Where Water Runs Uphill.

Moving Into the Future.

The Pebble in the Pond.

Nibbling for a Greener California.

Transforming the Golden State.

Making It Work. (Winter 2013)

Special Report: Buffaloed
Big Green plans a Big Park under the Big Sky. By Dave Skinner (Fall 2012)

Sage Grouse

Wild Chickens on Desert Creek.
Predators in Black.
Data Blizzard.
I Am the Chicken.
Watch 'Em Dance.
Call a Sheepman.
The New Spotted Owl. (Summer 2012)

Passing the Bucks
Forget Ted Turner. Meet Hans Wyss and his War on the West.
By Dave Skinner (Summer 2012)

Soros, the Destroyer
For decades, multibillionaire George Soros has been quietly bringing down world governments. He is now targeting the United States.
By Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D.
(Summer 2012)

Wrong, wrong AGO

Another grand Interior scheme--America's Great Outdoors. By Dave Skinner

Where Did The Wild Lands Go?

A Kinder, Gentler Sierra Club? (Spring 2012)

Our Federal Landlord
Early Westward Expansion.
The Road to Tyranny.

The Hage Saga.
Federal Laws (Winter 2012)

The Wild Wild Wet
Going behind Washington's Cascade Curtain.

(Fall 2011)

Where The Wild Lands Are
Dog's breakfast.

Wilderness by the numbers.

When a road ain't no road. (Spring 2011)


Saving the World.
The Power of New Thinking.

Saving the Culture. (Spring 2011)


Legends and Myths.

Madeleine's Backyard.
From the BLM.
From the Heart.
From the Head.
Q&A. (Winter 2011)

Dust Devils

Cynical politics is the hot wind that powers environmental radicals.
One battle at a time.
Bird in the hand. (Summer 2008)

The Future
Don't Ask Questions
They Just Want to Help Us
Conspiracy of Liberty
It's Still A Free Country--Isn't It? (Spring 2008)

Klamath Redux

Echoes of Curses.
Of Polar Bears and Lilacs.

Close Encounters.
Compensation, Ecotourism & Other Myths. (Winter 2008)

Land In Crisis

Wolves at the Door.
Close Encounters.
Compensation, Ecotourism & Other Myths...
American Dream Denied. (Summer 2007)

The North American Union

Dark moon rising.

Breaking the Heartland.

Kansas City, Here They Come. (Spring 2007)

American Forests: The Great Lie

Arrogance and indifference in America's forest. (Fall 2006)

Enemies of Conservation

Conservationists admit to wrecking the lives of millions of poor. (Summer 2006)

The Ribbon

Ranchers fighting the war in the southwest. (Summer 2006)

Taking Liberty

How private property in America is being abolished. (Fall 2005)

To Move an Ocean

Las Vegas is coming! (Fall 2005)

The West 2005

The bad guys are still after the ranch. (Summer 2005)

Smart Growth

Shadow players in the new world order. (Spring 2005)

Pristine Nature

The founding falsehood. (Spring 2005)

Refuting The Myths

It is time to expose anti-livestock bias in federal culture. (Fall 2004)

Land Trusts

Forever and Ever, Amen. The frightening thought of perpetuity. (Fall 2003)

This Land is OUR Land

Untamed nature and the removal of humans. (Fall 2003)

Return to Eden

The man behind the Wildlands Project. (Fall 2003)

The Value of Rest

Rest can restore an area to abundance or cause its resources to literally dry up and blow away. (Summer 2003)

Nature's Landlord

The story of the world's most powerful environmental group, The Nature Conservancy. (Spring 2003)


"America has matured to the point that we are no longer willing to sacrifice the end product of eons of evolution..." (Fall 2002)

Water in the West

Water is the essence of all life. There has never been more, and there will never be less. (Fall 2001)

The Great American Land Grab

The Clinton administration's lands-locked legacy may be undone before it is even fully recognized as a sinister plan to manipulate the population and the economy of the United States. (Winter 2001)

The West 2000

Facts for the future of public and private lands: Ranching, farming, logging, mining, recreation. (Spring 2000)

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